APPAREL         FORD RAPTOR KITS & SERVICE          was created with one goal in mind, reducing costs while keeping quality equal to or better than that of OEM. It was not created to be fancy or flashy. It wasn’t created to compete with other online vendors. It was created for the do-it-yourselfers sick of being gouged when buying OEM shock absorber seal kits. You will notice at that as the quantity of kits increases, the cost per kit decreases offering you even more savings! has on hand engineering support with years of damper and seal design experience and a wealth of tuning experience. We have had the opportunity to work with several seal manufacturers(Trelleborg, Parker, Disogrin/Simrit, SKF Polyseal, etc...) and are always up to date with current sealing technologies. We have sampled, built, rebuilt, modified, and tested most of the competing off-road dampers out there. The main thing in common among all of them? OVERPRICED seal kits or worse bad or unknowledgeable staff. is out to provide quality OEM replacement seal kits for the most common off-road shocks, but can also develop custom seal kits to suit the needs of custom applications that will still fit OEM grooves.

To companies servicing shocks as a business and are interested in bulk pricing, email with volume numbers and shock sizes/mfg and will do it’s best to increase your profit.

If you have an idea for a shock and want to turn it into reality, can help you with design, seal selection, machine shop sourcing and any other steps along the way it takes to develop your own idea.

If you have a seal kit you need but don’t see, please email with details and you could get a free seal kit.

Thanks for visiting and we look forward to doing all we can to help you out.

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